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    Home automation service in Alicante

    Asignar Multi Services has a home automation division that we put at your disposal to solve your problems and breakdowns. Call today for your repair and installation service!

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      Some of the home automation installation and repair services that the specialists at Asignar MultiServicios put at your disposal:

      The specialists of Asignar Multiservicios Alicante are available for installation, replacement, maintenance, with extensive experience in home automation. Our specialists are highly qualified for installation and diagnostics in home automation.
      • Do you want to motorize your blinds?. Do not hesitate to call a home automation specialist from Asignar Multiservicios Alicante to carry out the installation.
      • Do you need an awning to protect you from the summer heat of Alicante? Do you also want your awning to be motorized and intelligent, and that, depending on the wind, it folds independently? Do not hesitate any longer, call the division of home automation specialists of Asignar Multiservicios Alicante to plan the installation.
      • Do you want the Lighting in your home to be smart? We have occupation sensors, twilight sensors, light intensity regulators, everything necessary for your home to manage its own lighting.
      • Do you want to control and schedule efficiently (saving energy and money) the air conditioning of your home? Call the domotics division of Asignar Multiservicios Alicante right now to plan the installation.
      • Do you want to go on vacation quietly, leaving your smart home to manage technical alarms? Call and plan your installation now with Asignar Multiservicios Alicante. We have all kinds of sensors to configure different types of technical alarms: gas leak, flood, fire, etc.
      • Do you want to monitor your home? The home automation division of Asignar Multiservicios Alicante offers you a installation of video cameras service. Call today and schedule your installation.

      Do you have any questions about your home automation installation or repair? Ask an expert from Asignar multiservices Alicante to get quick answers and get a reliable service your neighbours trust!

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        Some of our home automation services in Alicante

        • Motorization of blinds.
        • Motorization of awnings (including wind sensors).
        • Lighting (occupation sensors, twilight, light intensity regulators).
        • Control and programming of air conditioning.
        • Technical alarms (gas leak, flood, fire, etc.).
        • Installation of video cameras.


        Service area


        • Electricity
          • Light auto fixes
          • Installation and repair of sockets
          • Electrical faults
          • Electric Blinds
          • Remote Controls
          • Ceiling fan installation
        • Plumbing
          • Fixing dripping faucets
          • Cisternas that don’t work well
          • Solutions to problems related to plumbing
          • Unblocking
          • Installation of bathroom screens
          • Repair small leaks
        • Locksmith
          • Lock change
          • Change or repair of doorknobs, handles, springs, hinges, etc.
          • Aluminum
          • Iron / Steel
          • Glassware
        • Heating
          • Boilers And Heaters
          • Radiators
        • Openings
          • Installation of weather stripping on the doors
          • Solution of problems related to the regulation and closing of Windows Doors
          • Blinds
          • Springs close doors
        • Home Staging
          • Hang pictures, mirrors, curtain rails, etc.
          • Hanging and fixing lamps
          • Installation of bathroom accessories, living room, kitchen, bedrooms
          • Furniture assembly kit type Ikea, Leroy Merlin
          • Carpentry work: rubbing doors, drawers
          • Installation of antennas
          • Pool Maintenance
          • Installation of curtains, blinds and blinds